Lab & transmissions

ALTER- fosters the active sharing of challenges, knowledge and possible solutions for the transition period – cultural, climatic, energetic, economic, social – in high mountain regions.
It is a time to fill our imaginations with other stories and to encourage a learning process that would consist in letting ourselves be taught by the world. 

Mountain communities, from autarky to autonomy

Counterpoint frequencies, inaudible trails of the bees’ flight, dynamite heartbeats that shape a space in which time is no longer lineal.
Salt. Soil. Machine. Stone.
An immersion through the mouth of this mine, excavated since the XVth century. The air is dense, the tools are striking, the mountain is imploding. The compass of the machines. A lithium field. White and infinite horizon, among salt crystals, a voice is heard. The wind.

The Andes and the Alps, common story of a collective march

Five senses to feel
Walking leads the steps of the walker from a point A to a point B. Between two points on a walking map, the landscape changes under the influence of human activities or natural processes. Its representation varies according to perceptions.
Experience the territory in a collective and sensory experience of conscious walking to feed a common narrative.
_Laurence Piaget-Dubuis & Sonandes

Adriana Tenda Claude, the call of the mountain

“In the forest you can easily feel the quality, the energy of peace and silence. And the mountains push us upwards, a bit like a call. They make us feel the link between the earth and the sky.”