Luce Choules

Bélesta, France
Artist, Writer, Independent researcher

Laroche’s praxis uses generative structures in documentary media, installation objects and writing, to perform multi-faceted and fragmented works about environments in flux.


Laroche (aka Luce Choules) lives in the French Pyrenees and works from field centres in the European Alps, southern Spain and London UK. Since 2013, they founded and coordinate the itinerant artist network, and more recently co-founded the sonic arts collective SEL__NOIR. They are a regular collaborator with AADK performance platform in Spain, and are a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London. Through various collaborations, they explore a range of metaphysical, sensorial and poetic thematics: ideas on geoecologies and human behaviour; the viewpoints and monuments of collapsing environments; and the slippage of perception, distance and materiality in digital technologies.