Laetitia Melly

Zinal, Switzerland
Holistic therapist, herbalist, teacher

Trained as a primary school teacher, then as a special education teacher, the world of wild plants and alternative therapies caught her by chance. At first self-taught, then through different trainings, she gradually approached a world that fascinates her and that finally takes a big place in her life!


As a farmer’s daughter, I have always lived close to the living world. However, it was only later that I discovered the extraordinary world of plants. Since then, I never stop learning and being amazed! During the summer season, I travel the mountains to observe, collect, taste and study wild plants. I then transform them into different products. I also use the plants in different forms in massages and therapeutic treatments. Finally, I have at heart to transmit all my discoveries to all those interested! Having arrived in the Val d’Anniviers relatively recently, I discovered mountain plants, their higher concentration of compounds while being less polluted, their traditional use but above all a respect for this form of life which sometimes survives in extreme environments. I am learning to be slow in my picking gestures, my observations which seem to me much more in agreement than before. The mountain has refined me.