Maurice Zufferey

Sierre, Switzerland

Maurice Zufferey is a winegrower and winemaker in Sierre in central Valais. In 1982, he took over the vineyard of his uncle Charles Caloz in Sierre. A superb working tool pampered by this visionary winegrower who, since the 1970s, has largely contributed to the revival of Cornalin, an ancient grape variety that had been abandoned for decades. Maurice works about 9 hectares between Sierre and Noble-Contrée. Since 2016, Maurice is joined by his son Adrien, freshly graduated from Changins School.


I was born in 1958 to parents from Anniviers, in a family of nine children. Thus, I lived the time of the transhumance, when the inhabitants of Chandolin went down to live in Sierre, twice a year, to carry out the agricultural work of the plain. From this experience, I kept the love of the mountain and the local products. In my youth, I studied at the School of Agriculture in Châteauneuf and then in Changins to learn wine-making and cellar techniques. Always concerned about respecting nature in the practice of my profession, I work in integrated production. When I travel, I like to walk or visit other vineyards and meet other winemakers.