Xavière Schröder

Salvan, Switzerland
Geographer, Environmental Project Manager at Alpiq SA

A geographer by training, Xavière has been working for Alpiq SA, a Swiss energy company based in Lausanne, for almost 10 years. As project manager, she is responsible for implementing and monitoring environmental projects (remediation, renaturation, biodiversity, etc.) for various partner companies under Alpiq’s management mandate.


My work involves the implementation of various river restoration and renaturation measures for various hydroelectric schemes in the Valais region. On the one hand, this involves guaranteeing an adequate flow for ecosystems downstream of our structures, and on the other, reactivating bedload, encouraging fish migration and reducing the effects of tidal movements in rivers. I also guarantee the implementation and monitoring of compensation measures (creation of wetlands, for example) linked to new developments.
It’s important to me to find the best balance of interests between energy and the environment. A balance that guarantees both the safe and adequate production of renewable energy and the healthy ecology of the environment. The integrated and sustainable management of water resources is an important part of my daily work. In fact, I’m in charge of a research project on the multifunctionality of Alpine hydroelectric dams that Alpiq is conducting in close collaboration with CIRM (Interdisciplinary Centre for Mountain Research).

Another of my passions links me to the mountains: skiing and teaching. At the same time as studying geography, I trained as a snow sports teacher. As a former competitive skier, I was keen to pass on my knowledge and passion for this activity to a wider public.