Stéphane Biner

Nax, Switzerland
Mountain guide

“A la recherche du temps perdu…” or how to give meaning to a world that is losing its soul. A whole program: by getting back to earth, by simple things and the taste of effort. It is a luxury that has become rare and the opportunity to immerse volunteers in a bath of Nature.


With a scientific background, I am interested in the world of new technologies but without leaving the reality of Gaia. She is the one who sustains and nourishes us. It is still her that the cosmos caresses and that gives birth to us. And all this process that slowly brings our gaze towards the galaxies, brings us back to our roots, to the stars, to the small bricks of our existence. It is a miracle that I never tire of. With this in mind, all I had to do was to put my feet up and become a conveyor of emotions on the roads of our country. It’s done and I am fulfilled.