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Séverin Guelpa

Geneva, Switzerland
Visual artist, Curator

Séverin Guelpa is a visual artist and curator. He lives and works in Geneva.

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I am interested in the territory as a space of political and cultural emancipation. The access to the ground and its resources and the rights which result from it are for me as many determining elements which contribute to build an identity, individual or collective. My installations, like my sculptures or photographs, combine raw materials, construction materials and techniques borrowed from architecture. I work most often from territories in margin or in transition, seeking in the relegation of these places the lines of force of my work.

With MATZA, which I founded in 2014, I invest different regions of the world, extreme territories or emblematic urban areas in which I gather artists, experts and architects. The experience of the explored regions and the know-how of the people who live there nourish then a work on our capacity of adaptation and the forms of organization and emancipation that are born in these territories.