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Paulon Massy

Grimentz, Switzerland
SLF observer

Paulon was born in Grimentz and has always lived there. Now retired, he used to work for the piste safety service and as a land registrar for the commune of Anniviers. He has been an SLF observer since 1973. Every day, he takes snow measurements (height of fresh snow, height of snow, water equivalent of fresh snow if it snows more than 10 cm, depth of driving probe) and observations (snow limit, rain-snow limit, avalanches, etc.).

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My father started measuring snow in Grimentz for the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanches in Davos in autumn 1956. He died in 1973, and I took over the job, transmitting meteorological data every morning before 8am by e-mail, from November 1 to April 31. In recent years, the number of data transmissions has fallen as automatic stations have been installed. For these checks, I set up a 4m x 4m fenced “snow field” in a flat pasture near my home.
From May 1 to October 31, only snowfall data are transmitted.