Oliver Rendu

Pully, Switzerland
Historian, Archaeologist

Oliver is a historian and archaeologist specializing in Swiss rural life. His various research projects have led him to work on several sites in French-speaking Switzerland between the Middle Ages and the Modern Era. He is currently a doctoral student at the University of Basel and the University of Lausanne, working on an SNSF project to study rural Switzerland from the perspective of the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum. His interests include the history of rural and alpine societies, family and kinship history, material culture, genealogy and medieval archaeology.


I studied history and archaeology at the University of Lausanne, specializing in the Middle Ages. The subject of my Master’s thesis was the village of Fang in the Val d’Anniviers at the end of the medieval period. I was able to reconstruct the organization of the territory and the history of the families who lived there. This dissertation won second prize in the Gérald Arlettaz competition of the Société d’histoire du Valais Romand and was published in the Annales valaisannes 2018.

I continued my training through a Master of Advanced Studies in Conservation of Built Heritage, for which I studied the history of an old medieval stronghold house in the Geneva region. This work was the subject of an article published in 2022 in the journal Patrimoine et architecture, Droit d’Inventaire.