Julie Beauvais

Chandolin, Switzerland
Artist, Director, Choreographer, Curator

Julie Beauvais is an artist, director and curator based in Switzerland. Her body of work ranges from opera, theatre and choreographic works, to performative installations and transterritorial cooperation programs. Her art is driven by her interests in embodied experience and expanded consciousness and has been performed and exhibited internationally since 2001.


After graduating from Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, I co-found several companies in the United States, in Switzerland and in Denmark. For seven years, I research transnationally, exploring forms of epic theatre in diverse political contexts. The work leads to long term collaborations with Brazilian, Mongolian and Nicaraguan companies.

In 2006, I start directing operas and focusing on contemporary and experimental music. I create a platform for her research by founding BadNewsFromTheStars*, a transterritorial and transdisciplinary laboratory for innovative convergences of sonic explorations, scientific research and environmental studies. With my collaborators, I explore new perspectives on international cooperation for sustainable development in a context of emerging challenges and shifting paradigms. The approach tuned to ‘multispecies becoming with’ combines deep listening practices, sound art, music, conscious movement and scientific observations.