Judith Eeckman

Allaman, Switzerland
Hydro-climatology researcher, Ceramist

Judith is an engineer in applied mathematics, a cartographer, has a PhD in hydrology and is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Lausanne.
Her research focuses on the study and modeling of the contribution of water in soils to hydrological cycles.


I have taken part in several research projects on flash floods in the Mediterranean region, but my favorite fields of study remain small mountain watersheds, in the Himalayas or the Alps, because they are complex and highly sensitive to climate change.
In parallel with my scientific research, I have been training for several years in the practice of ceramics, and in particular throwing. With my workshop ‘Écrire la Terre’, I propose a sensitive approach to ceramics, affirming that clay is a being.
I also write articles on political ecology and venture into the field of geographical storytelling.