Jean-Michel Fallot

Renens, Switzerland

After a doctorate in geography at the University of Fribourg (1992), and a post-doctorate in climatology at the University of Colorado at Boulder (1993-1994), Jean-Michel Fallot was a scientific collaborator at EPFL (1998-2006) and an employee of an engineering firm (1998-2018). He has been a lecturer and researcher at UNIL since 2006. His research interests include ventilation in alpine valleys (Sarine, Rhône), air pollution, climate extremes and topoclimatology. He has been an active member of the Association Internationale de Climatologie (AIC) since its foundation in 1988, and has represented the University of Lausanne at the Association Suisse de Géographie (ASG) since 2006.



Extreme precipitation and flooding
The aim of these studies is to determine precipitation and extreme floods in Switzerland for return periods longer than the available measurement series, using statistical analyses and modeling with meteorological and hydrological models to propose effective flood protection measures.

These studies focus on the effects of regional and local topography on various climatic parameters (temperature, precipitation, wind, etc.). They involve field measurements and modelling trials to determine these effects in 3 dimensions in different regions of Switzerland.

Climate variability
These studies seek to determine long-term trends (century scale) for a number of climatic parameters in Switzerland, based on statistical analyses of available measurement series. These studies also look at the evolution of certain extreme weather phenomena (precipitation) in relation to climate change.