Guillaume Jouvet

Zurich, Switzerland

Guillaume is a professor of Glaciology at the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics of the University of Lausanne. His specialty is the numerical modeling of glacial processes in order to better understand the interaction between climate and glacier evolution on very different time scales. An important part of his research consists in reconstructing the evolution of Alpine glaciers during the last glacial cycle by numerical modeling.


I am a mathematician and a glaciologist working on the mechanical motion of ice in a broad sense. My research interest spans from the mathematical aspects of ice flow models to the observation of glacial processes using drones. In more details, my research topics are:

> Development of an ice flow model accelerated by deep-learning (since 2021).
> Simulations of Alpine glacier evolution, and tracking of ice particle trajectories.
> Paleo ice flow modelling with focus in the European Alps.
> Remote-sensing of dynamical processes on marine-terminating glaciers using drones.