Emmanuel Salim

Ayent, Switzerland
Human geography, Geomorphology, Environmental psychology

Emmanuel Salim is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Lausanne. The link between humans and their environment is the core of his research. He is particularly interested in the influence of climate change and the shrinking of the cryosphere on tourism activities. He is also interested in the issues of adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the context of alpine tourism and recreation.


My thesis work in geography focuses on the influence of climate change on glacier tourism in the Alps. This interdisciplinary work articulates the points of view of human geography, geomorphology and environmental psychology and questions the implementation of physical processes, the impacts they cause to societies and the way they are perceived and taken into account in individual behavior. My research is part of the dynamics of the CIRM and the IGD. Interested in transdiciplinarity, I am also co-president of the French association Collectif Perce-Neige, which aims to deepen and diffuse this research practice.